Sometimes we need to give ourselves a dose of tough love.  It’s like a reality check slap in the face, and it hurts. As human beings we prefer the easier route. It is easier to tell ourselves that there are no consequences to eating unhealthy foods or that we will workout tomorrow because today the bed is extra comfortable.  This comfortable living only hurts you in the long run, and it’s time to push past your comfort zone to make positive lifestyle changes. I’m not saying you have to push yourself to exhaustion with every single workout, but getting out of bed is half the battle.  Preparing snacks ahead of time allows you to walk past the processed junk snacks at the office. It’s time to be your own mother. Our parents put the kabosh on immediate gradification because they look at the long run for us. So let’s get real about unhealthy habits. If you need a dose or two of tough love, it’s a good thing. Each day just try a little bit more to be healthier and in turn you will be happier.

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