Every day I see patient’s struggling with joint pain.  Knee arthritis, hip arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain and the list goes on.  When their joints hurt, few people look to their diet for answers but that is exactly what the science says we should be doing.  As it turns out, what you eat radically influences blood flow to your joints, the level of inflammation in your blood stream, your total body weight, the amount of inflammatory arachidonic acid in your body and so much more which in turn affects joint and muscle health.

Today’s focus article was published in 2015 titled,” Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Diet Alleviates the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis.” (Arthritis Journal).  In this 6 week trial, 40 individuals with joint osteoarthritis and pain were randomized to either a plant based program of nutrition or a control group.  They were followed for 6 weeks and the group on the plant based program had significant improvements in energy/vitality, physical functioning and pain.

So what is the take home message?  Plants are powerful medicine for your body, have amazing potential to improve joint pain and function and in as little as a 6 week intervention you can expect some life changing results.

If you are ready to reduce inflammation and pain in your body and improve function and fun but don’t know where to start, then download my 6 week anti-inflammation program here:  https://esserhealth.com/detox/   You can do it…I can help!

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