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The internet is flooded with gimmicks, get healthy quick products, diets and “snake oil” salesman. The reality is for most of us, “health comes from healthy living.” So what you do with your “fingers, feet and forks” may be the greatest predictor of your health for years to come.


100% lose weight
(10-30lbs on average)


80% get off of blood pressure medications


80% eliminate oral blood sugar medications


100% reduce their insulin needs


30-90% reduction in joint pain on average

you could do something “profoundly simple,” based in good science that could radically and rapidly alter your health? Well you can now. My simple nutritional interventions have radically changed the lives of thousands of people and now they can change yours. If you want to improve your health, reduce pain, lose weight, reduce medication needs, prevent or slow the progression of common diseases, then these programs are for you!

Please Note: Our nutritional programs and all information provided on the website is intended for educational  and informational purposes only.  Always consult a physician before making any nutritional or exercise modifications specific to your health.

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A FREE Introduction to Health Packet.

Price: FREE
-Learn the 7 tenets of health.
-Evaluate your health today with a self-assessment tool
-Determine if you are ready for change
-Set healthy goals
-Learn what foods to eat to maximize your health!

The 4 Week Detox Challenge.

Price: $14.99. ( was $19.99)
What it is: A 4 week nutrient dense food program ideal if you want to reduce weight, decrease inflammation and improve general health quickly!
What you get!
– Weekly shopping list
– Simple nutrient packed daily recipes
– Gluten/Dairy/Wheat/Soy/Egg Free
– Tracking page
– Bonus: tips for success

The 6 Week Anti-Inflammation Program.

Price: $18.99 (was $24.99)
Inflammation is a major cause of pain and dysfunction in the body. This 6 week program helps reduce inflammation and improve your quality of life.
What it is: A 6 week inflammation reduction program designed for those who struggle with chronic joint, skin, or gut inflammation and irritability.
What you get!
– Secrets to inflammation reduction
– Weekly shopping list
– Nutrient packed daily recipes
– Gluten/Dairy/Wheat/Soy/Egg free and Low Nightshade
– Supplement Recommendations
– Tracking page
– Bonus: tips for success

The 12 Week Change Your Health Program.

Price: 40.00 ( was 60.00)
Integrating healthy habits in your life for 12 weeks can help to make them last. This 12 week progression helps you to slowly incorporate healthier habits over a longer time frame. In addition it includes weekly learning modules to help you understand the science behind a healthy living program and why the decisions you make every day are so powerful.
What it is: A Step by Step 12 week intervention intended for those who want to develop sustainable, healthy habits.
What you get!
– “Introduction to Health” Packet
– Readiness for Change Self-Assessment
– Weekly Learning modules
– 12 week food and movement guide
– Weekly shopping lists
– Nutrient packed daily recipes
– Gluten/Dairy/Wheat/Soy/Egg Free
– Tracking pages
– Bonus: tips for success

8 Week Total Health Program with Dr Esser and Friends

Price: $200.00 


The 4 Week Group Challenge.

Price: $100.00 ( was $140.00)
Limit: 50 people/session
Dates: TBD

The 4 Week Group Challenge.

Price: $100.00 ( was $140.00)
Limit: 50 people/session
Dates: TBD

What People are Saying...

“When following Dr Esser’s healthy meal plan, my blood pressure was actually down to a normal range! First time in 17 years! I’m sticking to the healthy meal plan. Normal blood pressure is a miracle! Eating well is the best medicine!” ~DEM

“Dr. Esser’s plant-based diet has been lifechanging for me. 
I had been crippled for some time with severe back spasms and nothing was helping. I had tried everything. Meds would temporarily mask the pain but made me feel lousy. Chiropractic treatment offered some relief but the pain would return. A friend highly recommended Southeast Orthopedic Specialists. It may well be the best medical and life changing recommendation. As a 72-year old male, 5’5” weighing 210 pounds, Dr. Esser proposed two paths:

• A plant-based diet to lose 20 pounds and see if it provided back pain relief
• Treatment to correct the stenosis

My wife is Italian and so cooking, eating, and sharing meals with friends is part of our culture and lives. We’ve rarely eaten processed food and have always eaten “healthy.” But our diet included dairy, poultry, beef, and pork. I committed to pursue Dr. Esser’s four-week eating plan, solely a plant-based diet. The first two weeks were – admittedly – an adjustment. Yet sticking to a wide variety of plant-based meals over these past three months has yielded remarkable results!

• I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds and am finding it easier to maintain my weight.
• Back pain has diminished significantly. I don’t spasm at all.
• I no longer need medication for high blood pressure. My pressure is consistently “normal.”
• Psoriasis that I have struggled with for years is nearly gone.
• Arthritis that I have endured for years, especially in my hands, is gone. I’m having my wedding ring resized because it is too large for any finger but my thumb!
• My gym regimen is easier and more energizing.
• Energy levels are higher, I’m sleeping better, and overall, I feel great!

With deepest gratitude for changing my life,”

~Micheal R. S.

“I was told that I had to have my left knee replaced at 54 years old, having never had a knee injury in my entire “very active” life. I asked, what is “Plan B”?  I was directed to Dr. Esser for non-surgical options.  After analyzing my condition, Dr. Esser said that I was a candidate for PRP and stem cell injections in my knee to re-grow and repair bad cartilage.  He said that if I was serious about committing to this plan, proper nutrition was vital to potential success in avoiding knee replacement.  Dr. Esser challenged me to follow his 28 day Detox diet that he personally designed.  I accepted the challenge, and the results speak volumes to the value of adopting a plant based diet to fix the body. I lost 27 pounds in 28 days and have lost 31 pounds total in the last 2 months. Accepting Dr. Esser’s challenge saved my life. After 20 years of taking medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides, I no longer need them.  Adopting a plant based diet fixed those problems. Accepting Dr. Esser’s challenge caused me to “see the light”!  Aching joints from inflammation…gone.  High blood pressure…gone. High cholesterol…gone.  High blood sugar….gone. Heart Disease and potential diabetes…gone. Wow!  I had PRP injections 4 weeks ago, and I am happy to report that my knee pain is reduced, my mobility has improved, and continuing the Esser nutrition plan is allowing my knee to heal more every day!  Thank you Dr. Esser for saving my life by showing me the way.”    ~SG 2017

“I have lost 50 lbs from Thanksgiving until today.(2.5 months) I weighed 275 when I saw Dr. Easser just before Thanksgiving. I saw him because I wanted a second opinion because the first Dr I saw about pain in my knee. I was wearing a copper wrap along with hinged knee brace just to walk. His whole food vegan diet not only allowed me to lose the 50 lbs but I no longer take blood pressure pills because my pressure is normal now 120 / 70 and heart rate @ 68. Also I have lost one of my diabetic pills and have the lowest blood sugar numbers I have had since 1993.  I also lost my vitamin deficiency. I found out that I no longer take Ibuprofen pills and that was 3 in the morning and 2 at night so I can sleep. And with all that MED’s I had to take an antacid 2 times a day.
Again I just wanted to say THANKS for your services.”  ~RFC

“I am a former Chief Resident of a Jacksonville based-Family Medicine Residency Program that got to spend some time with Dr. Esser during my residency. During my training, I became very familiar with treating common primary care problems with prescription drug after prescription drug. Daily, I would prescribe medications for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and arthritis of all kinds. What impressed me the most during my training under Dr. Esser was his relentless pursuit of healing his patients from within. I was seeing patients he had helped so tremendously with diet, rather than more medications. In addition to helping most of the pains his patients were experiencing, he also noticed that most of them were losing weight and progressively dropping their required amounts of insulin and blood pressure medications. His patients were so encouraged and felt like they were 20 years younger in a matter of 30 days, and all through changing THEIR DIET! I absolutely had to get in on this for my patients. But, after a discussion with Dr. Esser, we agreed that I would get a better understanding of the inner workings of the diet if I did it myself. So, I agreed. Prior to starting the detox diet, I got a fasting cholesterol panel done and was also having a horribly painful flare up of plantar fasciitis. In the first 48 hours of the diet, my heel pain was GONE! As the diet progressed, I no longer needed my 2 cups of coffee in the morning to get my energy level up, I was just springing out of bed every morning! I felt better than I had ever felt and by the end of the 30-day challenge, I lost 31 lbs and had no more aches and pains. Equally as impressive was the significant drop in my LDL cholesterol WITHOUT MEDICATION! I had a decline equivalent to what would be expected in 3-6 months of a moderate dose statin, but I did it all by just changing my diet. I GOT HEALED FROM WITHIN! I have since prescribed the same diet to many of my patients in my primary care practice in Middleburg, and those patients are also singing the praises, as I am, and many patients have before me. If you are considering taking the detox challenge, don’t consider it anymore, JUST DO IT! Your body will thank you and you will find it a great gateway to a healthier life!”

~David J. E. MD
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

“I would like to thank Dr. Esser for encouraging me to go on the 4-Week Nutritional Detox Challenge.. I never thought I would be able to stick to this for 4 weeks. But I successfully made my 4 week goal. Plus I went through this program at Thanksgiving and Christmas. So needless to say I was very proud of myself. But because I felt so much better after the 4 weeks I decided to continue a plant based daily living food program. Guess what I have lost a total of 40 pounds since November(3 months). I have also quit taking my Blood Pressure medicine. I was determined to get off the medicine AND now my Blood Pressure is lower than ever. Without Dr. Esser and his staff to encourage me I would have never tried life style. I feel so much better about myself knowing that I am doing everything possible to keep my body as healthy as possible. Also attending Dr. Esser’s seminars has opened my eyes to what processed food contain and can do to your body. Very educational. So thank you Dr. Esser for being so passionate about helping get your patients healthy.”  ~C. Davidson