We love the power of food……..here is the feedback from someone who did our detox!  Are you ready!   You could do this too!


“Upon starting the “Esser Health 4 week Nutritional Detox Challenge” I understood that it was going to be a real challenge; however, eating became more about my health and less about feeding cravings. I started to feel my body change quickly after starting it. Many benefits came from completing the nutritional detox. I felt an increase in energy, my clothes began to loosen on me, I slept better through the night, my back pain improved considerably and as a nice bonus, I lost 31 lbs in four weeks. Even though this is labeled as a 4 week challenge, I now consider it a lifestyle that my family and I will adopt indefinitely. Having personally experienced the radically positive effects of healthy

living I intend to make it a part of my medical practice so that I can educate and empower my patients to take control of their health and prevent the myriad of chronic diseases that are rampant in primary care.” Dr F.V. DO

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