Do you struggle with unhealthy habits and patterns?  Part of your problem could be you are stuck in the “victim” mindset.  That place where you feel hopeless, helpless and hate who you are while blaming people, society and fate for everything.  Now the truth is we all have struggles and challenges.  No one has a “perfect” life.  However the saying “attitude is everything” really is true.  As the poet Milton said our mind can make a “heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.”

Start evaluating your thoughts.  Do you self sabotage?  Do you tell yourself you are too tired, old, injured, sick, lazy or the wrong gender, race, religion or you live in the wrong zip code?  If you tell yourself you can’t then the truth is you probably are right.

This summer I want to challenge you to change your thoughts and to change your life.  Abandon the “can’t,” the “not good enough”, the too old, poor, injured, lazy or the like.  Instead embrace the can, capable enough, motivated enough and embrace the victor mentality.  Start saying you CAN do it and rewrite your neural chemistry.  If you struggle with the same false fixed beliefs every day despite your best efforts then grab the book “Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 weeks” by Seth Gillihan PhD.  If you need more professional health then schedule a visit with a Psychologist to tackle the psychology which is holding you back from achieving your fullest health potential.  Believing you CAN and WILL is the first step to true health success.

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