Okay, it is time for a few lines of honesty!  I know, I know, it may be kind of early in our relationship for this kind of honesty, but I think we can handle it!  Lol  A lot of us think that health comes from a bottle, a pill, a potion or the like.  I mean we seem to think we will find health when we walk into the doctor’s office or in a fancy new clinic on the corner. While these places can offer good advice, appropriate diagnosis and even at times life saving medications or surgeries, for the overwhelming majority of our problems, health comes from healthy living. Yes, I know it seems a little too simple, but sometimes, as Dr DJ Scott used to say, health really is about a “profound simplicity.”  The simple choices of every day seem almost too basic, too trivial to really result in powerful effects on our health, I mean how could one little bacon-cheese burger or just a few cigarettes really make or break your health right?  Wrong!  The daily choices you make with your fingers, feet and forks multiply day after day and before you know it there’s your health!  Don’t get fooled!  Your choices are powerful medicine and making health promoting choices one hour, one day, one week at a time can add up quickly to a lifetime of health!  Health comes from healthy living……profound…..simple…..transformational!  Embrace it and celebrate how powerful you are!

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