It seems this new year that almost everyone says they are committed to adopting healthier habits, and then there are the undertones of defeat and self-recrimination. You fall off the health wagon. You think you will never succeed and write yourself off as “a failure.” You’re self esteem and self worth crumble because you’ve victimized yourself. What would happen if you changed your dialogue?  Instead say, “I had a failure, now let me learn from it to do better and move on.”

We have to face reality: maintaining healthy habits can be extremely difficult. We are constantly tempted to make unhealthy food choices. Walk through any grocery market, drugstore, airport or go to the movies. Processed junk food is the majority of what we see. So, how do you create a new reality for yourself that help you maintain the life you profess to want?

First, that new reality comes from having an honest, introspective conversation with yourself. Take the time to go deep with the questions. What would you like your life to be like 5, 10 or 50 years from now? During this introspective conversation with yourself, address the value of full functionality- physical and mental.  Ask yourself how you’d like to interact with the younger generations – with your children and grandchildren.

The answer of course is in healthy habits. You change habits and build confidence when you decide what is really important to you. If all these things are important enough, you’ll establish new habits. Every day you maintain them increases the likelihood they will stick.

You’ll begin to feel the difference. You’ll like the feeling, and after a few weeks you will feel like a new person! Commitment is embedded and the habits are formed. After that, you won’t think about exercising four or five days a week and eating healthy food because it is a part of your normal routine.

Are you ready? It’s up to you to make the commitment. Plan for the future you want to have.

We can direct you down the right path – you still have to walk it.

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