Well friends,

One week till race day- and throw in my birthday before then, and you will find that everything is exactly where it needs to be. A friend of ours and dear colleague, is writing a book and while I had the luxury to read her first draft – I found myself swept away in her words and desire to help readers reach their full potential. I mean, to really really help you find happiness and to be content in your health and life. Her words inspired me….they reenergized me and reminded me of our purpose in this lifetime:

To leave this planet better than we found it. To touch another’s spirit for the better. To become the best versions of ourselves, throughout our life’s journey.

So remember dear friends- you are exacty where you need to be. Learn, forgive, change, and enjoy the process.

Seek health, kale & happiness,

Tiffany Esser CPT.


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