When I was a young lad, sitting in a mango tree in Lake Worth, FL and listening to my Grandfather Dr William Esser ND DC I always thought there must not be real science to support the truth of lifestyle medicine.  I thought, if there was; how could anyone not believe and live what seemed so obvious.  I mean, gosh everyone who comes to the Ranch improves.  Not always 100% but no one came without some improvement in their symptoms.  Surely if science would just show that all this was for real then no one would do anything different.
So when I went on to medical school, I assumed that the studies, the evidence just wasn’t there.  But then I found out the truth.  The science was there.  The evidence was there, both large epidemiologic studies, prospective studies and on and on….ad nauseum……
I learned a hard truth to this day…..just because the evidence is nearly incontrovertible doesn’t mean people will change or live out there lives a certain way.  It doesn’t mean people will choose to do what is “right”   or what is “good” and health promoting for them.  No, unfortunately despite remarkable clarity in the vast majority of studies that whole food plant-based nutrition is an essential component of health, the overwhelming majority of academic societies, organized business and other organizations fail to promote it to the public.  As a result, much mis-information is promoted and the cycle of illness, decay, dysfunction and premature death continue.
But, there is hope.  There is a renaissance in this message and it is going on all around us.  There is a new and exciting energy for spreading the truth and the validity of this message.  Together we have the opportunity to take back our collective health and to hand on to the next generation a message of hope, of healing, of wellness, of empowerment.  You and I do not have to suffer such heavy burdens of sickness, and the most powerful forces leading to our best health are our feet, fingers and forks!


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