Outdoor Workout

Do you want to get a stellar workout and enjoy a breath of fresh air?  Grab a pair of light weights and head to a local park to try this quick and effective workout:

– Jog around the park 2x.

– Dynamic warm-up stretches, such as step-touches, leg swings, and runners stretch.

– Find a bench, step or curb and perform Plank to a One-Arm Row for 12 reps. Then hold plank for 30 seconds. Repeat x 3 sets.

– Jog around the park 1x.

– 20 reps of Hamstring Dead-lifts to Overhead Press. Repeat 3 times.

– Mountain Climbers for 30 seconds.

– 20 reps of Plie’ Squats to Anterior (Front) Arm Raises. Repeat x 3.

– Find a bench for 12 triceps or regular push-ups. Then jumping squats or step-ups onto the bench for 30-seconds.

– Find a step or curb for jumping toe-taps with alternating bicep curls for 30-seconds.

– Run down the field with knee-ups and back with butt-kicks. Repeat x 3.

– 20 reps of Reverse Flys with the back leg raised. Then 15 walking lunges. Repeats x 3.

– Burn out the core with 20 reps of bicycle kicks, leg-lifts, and an elbow-plank hold for 1-minute.

– Cool-down stretches, such as seated hamstring, lying IT-band, and standing quad stretch.

Maybe you enjoy a group fitness setting.  Find a class in your area that is held outdoors. It may be yoga, a tennis clinic, or a bootcamp fitness class.  Bring the kids along to join in the fun and make sure you stay hydrated.

Make Exercise a Part of Your Family Weekend

gerDodger outside this weekend for some family fun physical activity! Head tithe beach and toss a football or frisbee. Bike ride to the nearby pool or tennis courts. Go to a state park and hike the trails or hop in a canoe. If it’s snowing outside, build a snowman and go sledding or ice skating. Find something you all enjoy and have fun together!