Exercise with Your Kids

We all know that childhood obesity is on a rise, and that efforts have been made at a national level to encourage children to be more active.  This can be a challenge since more and more schools have cut physical education and recess time.  A friend of mine, Dr. David Katz, at the Yale Prevention Research Center, has created a program for elementary schools to restructure physical activity into the classroom. It’s called ABC for Fitness (Activity Bursts in the Classroom). Students participate in brief exercise bursts at the beginning of each class. Teachers create a classroom environment that nurtures the students to focus with this incorporation of physical activity throughout the day.

As a mother, it is an amazing feeling and huge responsibility to know that I am a role model of healthy living to my family. Get involved with your children’s health. Talk to their school and get teachers to offer the ABC for Fitness program. Remember that you are their biggest teacher with your example.  Exercise with them after school and on the weekends. Make healthy living a fun family affair, and you will all benefit from it.

ABC for Fitness: