Total Health Program with Tiff and Dr Esser

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Join Tiff and Dr Stephan Esser for an 8 week transformational health program of science, food, and emotional well-being. This is a “total health” program and includes cutting edge science from Dr Esser, live cooking demos and deep dives into emotional well-being with Tiff Esser.

Dr Esser is a 4th generation plant based eater and has been advocating the science of a plant based diet for the last 20+ yrs.  He incorporates cutting edge science into every presentation along with a healthy dose of encouragement and motivation.

Tiff Esser transitioned from a diet of soda and Fried Chicken to a plant based diet over 10 yrs ago.  She knows personally the challenges of food addiction and changing personal habits.  She wants to help you create a vital life to achieve better health physically and emotionally in 2023!

What you get!

-19 Live Group Zoom Calls at 8PM EST (with a few exceptions)

-Live Zoom Cooking Demos with Tiff Esser

-Videos are recorded and available for 5 days after the live calls

-3 Live Zoom Group Break out sessions (not recorded)

-A High Res PDF of Dr Esser’s 4 week Detox Challenge

-Recipes ( SOS, Gluten Free, Vegan), Shopping lists, inspirational articles, Resources, healthy living tips and so much more

Tentative Schedule:

* – Program Intro: The Power of YOU:  Tiff and Dr Esser
*- Tiff Esser Cooking and Emotional Intelligence
* – Dr Esser: Heart Disease 101
*- Dr Esser: Emotions and Eating
*- Tiff Esser Cooking, Masks and Self Talk
* – Dr Esser: Type 2 Diabetes: 5 Strategies to live a Diabetes Free Life
*-Tiff Esser Cooking and  A-B-C Thinking
* – Tiff Esser Cooking and Personality Types, Patterns and Behaviors
*- Dr Esser: Nutrition and your Orthopedic Health
*- Halfway Checkup with Tiff and Dr Esser
*- Tiff Esser Cooking and The Pleasure Trap of Food Addiction
*- Dr Esser: The Blues and Greens of Cancer
*- Tiff Esser Fitness Program
*- Dr Esser: Autoimmune Disease: Foundational Approaches
*- Dr Esser: Osteoporosis and Lifestyle Measures
*- Tiff Esser Cooking and Your Relationship with Self and Others
*- Tiff Esser Fitness Program
*- TBD
*- The Path Ahead: Closing session with Tiff and Dr Esser