Mini Goals

Goals help us stay on track with our workouts and keep focused, but establishing a goal can be tricky. Sometimes we fall short and get stressed out because we were aiming too high.  The best solution is to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. This allows you to enjoy regular accomplishments and stay focused on the next step.

Establish a daily routine- organize your gear, know your workout, and stick to the same time of day so no matter what you get your workout in. In the last five minutes make sure to end on a high note and do something pleasant like stretching or cooling down with peaceful music you enjoy.

Every week get three workouts in as a minimum to maintain your fitness. Don’t focus on how long the sessions are;  just get moving. To improve your fitness be specific with the workouts- did you increase your weights by three or five pounds, or add a minute or two to build cardio endurance?

Every month hit a new target by extending the distance or length from the month before. You will feel empowered pushing past your endurance barrier. Have an event on the calendar to keep you motivated, like running a race. It is a great motivational tool and a way to meet new friends.