Do You Eat too Quickly?

I just heard about a new invention to help you slow down and savor your food.  The HapiFork and HapiSpoon are utensils with handles that vibrate if you take a bite less than 10 seconds between each mouthful.  The goal is that you will re-train your brain to eat less because you slow down to enjoy each bite. I don’t know how I feel about someone having to plug-in and charge the handles of their fork and spoon.  Seeing how the new products run about $99 each and have not been proven effective in helping people lose weight, I strongly believe the answer to healthy weight loss is eating more plant-based foods that are low in calories and increasing physical activity. Meals should be enjoyed – not complicated and leaving you frustrated with your fork or spoon.  You can re-train your brain to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and your body with thank you for years to come!