What’s the Craziest Outfit You’ve Seen (or Worn) at a Race?

Yesterday I cheered on runners of all shapes, sizes and speeds at the 26.2 with Donna- The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer in Jacksonville Beach, FL. It was inspiring to see so many run with a sense of purpose for themselves or for a loved one. One of the advantages of being a sideline cheerleader is witnessing the many costumes displayed. First off there was tons of pink, which is to be expected.  Women with bright pink clown wigs, men who dyed their beards fuchsia, and the few brave ones who wore “Will run for boobs” shirts.  Lots of pink tutus and even some full-suit bunny rabbits with top hats. There was an Elvis impersonator in the glittered jumpsuit with shades and all. It got me thinking about other races. I’ve seen lots of crazy outfits at Superhero Costume races. I led a group of women as a team and we worn “Super Fit Chicks” shirts and capes. It’s all in good fun to see the outfits race by.  What’s the craziest get-up you’ve seen or worn?