An Epiphany

For those of us who celebrate the Christian Faith, this Sunday marks the Epiphany, a time of discovery, recognition, awareness.  A time when One greater than ourselves is discovered and embraced.
Now such great discoveries do not happen every day, and epiphanies do not always have to be in the religious or spiritual sense.  Epiphanies or transformational discoveries can happen in every area of our lives.  We can find out something about ourselves, about the world around us that is that “eureka” moment.  That “wow that really makes sense, that is what and who I want to be.  That is exactly what I have been searching for,” type of moment!
When was your last personal epiphany?  Did it pass you by and you never embraced it?  Were you so busy, so distracted with fear, anxiety, day to day stress that you failed to even see, feel, hear or experience that moment?
If you think it is possible that such moments of awareness, of realization, of transformation have come and gone without your engagement, then let’s make a pact, a commitment to each other.  In 2013 let’s listen a little more carefully.  Let’s be more receptive and search for and embrace the daily humble and the grandious punctuated epiphanies equally.