Dr. Esser’s latest publication in “Health Science” magazine!

Dr. Stephan Esser’s latest publication in the Spring 2016 edition of ‘Health Science’ magazine! He answers your questions about celtic sea salt, olive oil, and coconut products. Check it out today!





“The Time for Decision” by Dr. William Esser; found in the Timeless Teachings section of the Spring 2016 edition of the ‘Health Science’ magazine.

“Has your life recently matched your conception of the ideal man?” As a founder of the Natural Hygiene Association, Dr. William Esser’s article appeared in the 1963 Convention Program, and his words ring true today as they did nearly 63 years ago. This is what Esser Health is all about – Dr. Stephan & Mrs. Tiffany Esser carrying on the legacy of healthy living.





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