The 4 week Group Challenge December 2022

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Limit: 50 people / session
Dates: December 1-31, 2022

Sign Up for daily support, and motivation directly from Dr Esser and his team for the full 4 week program. 

What it includes:
– Digital copy of the 4-week Esser Detox program
– Dairy/Soy/Egg Free Recipes
– Tracking pages
– Bonus: tips for success
– 1 hr Educational Zoom Calls Tuesday and Thursday of every week
– 40 minute presentation and 20 minutes Q and A
– Daily motivational emails to your inbox
– Weekly educational videos from Dr Esser
– 30 recipes to maximize your health after the detox
– Basic exercise recommendations and links
– Our recommended reading list and movie watch list

How it works:

–You sign up today
–We send you a confirmation welcome email within 24 hrs with health assessment and goal screening questions
–We develop our talks, tips and guidance to help you kick start your health during the 28 day program
–1 week prior to start date we email you a copy of the Esser 4 week Detox
–You receive a daily email with encouragement, motivation, health tips and links
–Every week we send you a Zoom Call Link to log in and join the group Zoom sessions on Tues. and Thurs. at 8pm EST
–You get inspired, learn and start achieving your health goals.
–Together we help YOU achieve a more vital, healthy life

Is it right for you?

The program might be right for you if you want to:

–Lose Weight
–Prevent common diseases like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease
–Reduce or eliminate medication use for these conditions
–Reduce inflammation
–Decrease joint pain and stiffness
–Break food addiction
–Feel cleaner, more energetic, sleep better
–Learn more about health, disease and nutrition

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