The new year is upon us, and I have to be honest, I am not quite ready for the old year to pass me by.  I feel there is still so much undone, so many more tasks to complete, goals to achieve, things to learn.  Wow, where did 2012 fly away to.

Perhaps you feel the same way.  If you do, let’s make a pact.  Let’s both try to embrace every day a little more fully, each moment a little more entirely, each waking moment with a little more zest and enthusiasm.

It really is so easy to get lost in the rush of have to’s and musts, or the nagging responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, caravaning and so on, but what if we changed the most important thing of all….our attitude.  Sure you may not look like a movie star or be as young as you once were, but what about your attitude?  If you can change that then everything else in your life will improve.  The old lemonade from lemons really is true.

Ask yourself the simple question…..who do you want to be….the person who complains that things are never good enough, never right, never easy enough, that there are always things holding you back and limiting your ability to achieve your personal goals….or do you want to be the person who accepts adversity, embraces challenges, figures out ways to achieve personal goals inspite of it all?

I want to challenge and encourage you….and myself that starting in this new year 2013 we will both prepare for personal change by first changing the most important part of ourselves…….our attitude. Here’s to 2013 and the adventures, challenges and opportunities ahead.

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