Hello All!  Well it is 2014.  Almost getting deep into 2014 and likely many of you have set new health and fitness goals.  Hopefully you are excited for 2014 and ready for the journey of your lifetime.  I have been reminded these last few months that life is fleeting.  As the poet said we are at best but a “vapor” and how right he was.  In particular at this time I remember my amazing cousin James Buerkle DC who died suddenly of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.  He was a passionate proponent of healthy living just as I am and was about to set out on the next phase of his life with great energy and vitality.  Be sure you cling fast to the ones you love this year.  Remember the three key phrases of “Excuse me,”  “I forgive you,”  and “I love you.”  We can make this a healthier, holier and more “whole” world together.   Happy 2014!

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