I was thinking the other day.  A dangerous thing I know.  I was thinking about choices, chances and outcomes.  I was thinking how often in my life I say something like “Because I didn’t have  or someone else did_________(fill in the blank) I didn’t do as well as the other guy.”  Have you ever been there?  I am guessing you know what I am talking about.  That little voice (or maybe big voice) that likes to place blame on someone or something else for our failures, inadequacies, imperfections etc.  Well I am now working to switch out that little voice and replace it with a very different one……the “in spite of” voice.  That voice that says “In spite of the fact that I never had or did or even though someone else ______(fill in blank) I am going to work hard, be committed and accomplish my goals.”  Yes that voice.  The one that says, come on, today is the day to take ownership, to be empowered, to say I can and I will despite…….in spite of the challenges that have either been laid before me or I have placed in front of myself due to less than ideal personal choices.

Join me today……..start off by saying………..”In spite of_______(fill in the blank) I will_______(fill in the blank)”.  You and I both can achieve our goals for health, for success and for function if we are just willing to change our mindsets, step up to the challenges ahead of us and create our own destiny……………..in spite of!

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