Dr. Esser featured at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo in LA this October!

Dr. Stephan Esser MD will be a featured Speaker this October 10 – 12, 2014  at the HEALTHY LIFESTYLE EXPO  ~ located at the Hyatt Regency Valencia in Los Angeles, California.

Register now to hear him speak, along with his colleagues:

  • John McDougall MD
  • Caldwell Esselstyn MD
  • Michael Klaper MD
  • Robert J. Ostfeld MD MS
  • Jay Gordon MD FAAP
  • Alan Goldhamer DC


Seek health,

Esser Health Team

My Mother’s Day Gift = CrossFit

By the title of my blog, some of y’all might be thinking “What?  That’s a weird gift!”

Yes.  My Mother’s Day was filled with the SouthEast CrossFit Games in Jax – which meant watching lots of sweaty men and women competing against each other with Rows, Squats, Box Jumps, and Toe-to-Bar killer ab exercises.

The day was perfect!  I found a new product I enjoyed and might add to my VEGA collection for Triathlon Racing.  It’s called : URAWK Energy Bars.  They are completely plant-based, raw, gluten free, vegan and delicious!  Check out their website and try one.

The CrossFit Games were fabulous to watch – and motivating!  Don’t worry, we also enjoyed the Jax Zoo & Gardens as a family later in the day.

I have actually tried two CrossFit classes so far, and I’m really enjoying it!  I never thought I would say that.  I have been judgmental after hearing horror stories of people injuring themselves from CrossFit.  But, if done with correct form and having a certified Coach watch your technique – it actually is fun!  My husband is now like, “Wow – you might become one of THOSE people.”  Lol.  No, I probably won’t become crazy about it.  My passion lies in Triathlons ~ but for now I enjoy the challenge and the strength training will help me become a better athlete.

Tell me what y’all think of CrossFit.  Tweet me on Twitter at: TiffanyEsserCPT.

Love and Kale,

Tiffany Esser CPT