You want to be healthy, right!  So the next question is “where does health come from?”  Is it found in a bottle?  What about in pill form?  While pills and procedures have their place, health comes from healthy living.  Many of us like to hear good things about our bad habits, but the truth is that how we use our fingers, feet and forks are the most powerful predictors of our present and future health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2020 two thirds of the global burden of disease will be due to lifestyle.  Our transition to a sedentary way of life with excess refined food and foods of animal origin has resulted in widespread obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and other metabolic illnesses.  Vast resources are spent treating these diseases with medications and surgeries.  Despite expensive interventions obesity is epidemic with two of three Americans overweight or obese while one of three children are projected to develop Type 2 diabetes in his or her lifetime and one half of all adults over age 50 have high blood pressure.  It is not inadequate medical care that has led to these problems, but unhealthy lifestyles.

Since “lifestyle” is the problem the answer will never be more pills, surgeries or procedures.  The answer is making meaningful and intentional changes in habits which will in turn promote health and reverse disease.  The personal and societal cost of misunderstanding this problem threatens to undermine the financial security and freedoms of our society as we know them today.  Join us in being part of the answer.