Lifestyle Medicine is a rapidly evolving no nonsense, empowering, science-based approach to health.  Instead of looking for quick fixes and magic pills, a lifestyle medicine doctor unravels the power of personal choices and helps you identify and pursue behaviors which foster health.  A more clinical definition states that lifestyle medicine is the “application of environmental, behavioral, medical and motivational principles to the management of lifestyle-related health problems in a clinical setting.” Modern science clearly demonstrates that lifestyle interventions are essential components in the treatment of chronic disease and can be as or more effective than medication, but without the risks and unwanted side-effects.

The primary lifestyle medicine tools are nutrient rich foods, exercise, adequate sleep, stress management, smoking cessation and the elimination of other toxic exposures.  Lifestyle medicine interventions are especially effective in chronic diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, osteoporosis and many kinds of cancer.