It’s easy to lose site of the basics in our ever more consumptive world.  It’s easy to think you need this or that product, lotion or potion to make you that much better than you are.  It is nearly universal this trend.  Of course it drives industry, creates proposed need and leaves most of us feeling inadequate, unfulfilled and looking for the next best “thing.”
When it comes to your health, it’s time to “buck the system.”  You ARE the most powerful force for health and  function in your life.  You ARE the most important person in your own healthcare.  Don’t let anyone else fool you, sell you product or make you feel like you need something to be more complete.  Now there may be times when a little “product” can give you an edge, help you improve your health/function/performance, or is necessary due to some level of injury or disease, but the overwhelming basic truth is that health comes from healthy living.  Get out there…live it!  Rock your life!

  Lifestyle Medicine:  What it is!