Our passion for lifestyle medicine has deep roots.

Long before “eating your greens” was trendy and daily exercise was the “in thing,” our grandfather Dr. William Esser ND, DC (1911-2003) was preaching the gospel of good health.  He was a visionary far ahead of his time. He was a writer, speaker and clinician best known for Esser’s Health Ranch, a lifestyle change facility specializing in plant-based nutrition, exercise and therapeutic fasting. He directed Esser’s Ranch for 65 years and personally supervised the care of an estimated 30,000 patients.  The Ranch was for many a “land of miracles” where health flourished and new found vitality was common place.

Dr. Esser was the steward and guide for many who sought the path to sustainable living and a new hold on health and life. His inspiration and the countless lives he influenced have inspired us to develop Esser Health.  Our online platform, speaking engagements, resources and eventual physical facility all exist with the goal of improving your health and helping you find the power to live well.

View Esser’s Hygienic Sanatorium John’s Island Brochure, Circa 1940
View Esser’s Ranch “Don’t Go On The Shelf” Brochure, Circa 1950
View Esser’s Hygienic Ranch Lake Worth Brochure, Circa 1960