Diseases of lifestyle are quite simply that, the diseases most strongly influenced by the personal choices you and I make every day.  It so happens these are also the leading causes of death and debility in the western world.  Heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, Type 2 diabetes and others are now largely recognized as “diseases of choice.”  It is estimated that 50-90% of these diseases could be prevented and eliminated if we altered our lifestyles to more clearly promote health.  How many people do you know who have one of these diseases?  Perhaps even more concerning, how many more people do you know who have the “precursor” to these diseases?  Over 34% of Americans now have Metabolic Syndrome, a compilation of symptoms including increased waist size, elevated blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol.  Together these elements are the precursors to obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

In America we are threatened by an epidemic of metabolic disease that will bankrupt our nation whether it is paid for by private or public monies.  No matter who foots the bill, it is unsustainable.  We now spend more than 17% of the US GDP on healthcare and estimates predict a continued increase in the next three decades.

We at Esser Health believe the “buck stops here.”  To prevent these metabolic diseases you do not need expensive medications, the latest and greatest procedure or surgical intervention.  The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that most of these diseases can be prevented, or at the least their onset dramatically postponed.  How can you prevent them?  How can you postpone them?  No gimmicks, no snake oil, but common sense, science-based, honest to goodness health promoting lifestyle choices.  These add up day by day, week by week and before you know it you have the “power to live well.”  If you are ready to be healthy.  If you are ready to radically transform your health and start thriving, not just surviving, then read more, watch our videos, come on one of our health retreats or come for a clinical visit.  Today is the day!