Sports Medicine

Whether you are a competitive athlete looking to improve performance, a weekend warrior hoping to stay fit or a couch potato struggling with a nagging ache or pain, we can help.

Exercise as Medicine

Physical activity is perhaps the most powerful personal choice you can make to prevent disease, promote function and slow aging. The positive effects on heart health, cancer risk and mood are as powerful as many medications. We encourage all our clients to add a dose of exercise to their daily lives. This can be in the form of lifestyle or leisure time exercise and can be spread throughout the day or condensed into quick bursts. Whatever you choose, physical activity is powerful stuff. Check out our printable workouts in the store and our on-line videos.

Athletic Performance

Are you an athlete? We don’t mean are you on a team or do you have a national ranking. We mean do you love the thrill of competition and the rush of accomplishment? If you are looking to improve your performance we can help. Our athletes range from internationally ranked tennis players and triathletes to regular Joes training for their first 5k or charity walk. We offer goal-oriented care including:

  • sports-specific evaluations
  • personalized training
  • nutritional counseling
  • training program development
  • video assessments
  • on-court tennis training

Injury Management

Injuries happen. If you have sustained an injury that is keeping you from achieving your sports or physical activity goals, contact us and we can help. We offer treatments including:

  • neurofunctional acupuncture
  • soft tissue mobilization
  • medication management
  • injection therapies
  • therapy referrals
  • rehabilitation program development

Check out our Sports Injury Locator and blogs, articles and videos to learn more about your body, what you can do to maximize function and how we can help.