Jared and Emily Klinefelter

I have cycled through the same lifting and running routines for several years. Before beginning Tiffany’s classes I felt like I was stuck in a rut and stopped seeing results. Her group fitness classes serve as an excellent way to change up my routine and work muscles that I never knew I had! She pushes and encourages you to continuously improve with each workout.

Robert Leslie and Alexandra Dale

Strength and weight training are an important part of my overall fitness routine and are a key part of training for my favorite sport: running. Working out with Tiffany was exactly the type of strength training I needed to keep my body healthy and strong for my long runs and races. I was challenged by each workout but always had fun throughout the routine.

There aren’t many trainers who can make a class work for people of all shapes and sizes but Tiffany pulls it off. She changes up routines and exercises so you are never bored! Highly recommended for people of all stages of fitness.

Meghan Cromer

Tiffany is a wonderful personal trainer; I always looked forward to our challenging one-on-one personal training sessions. She had a comprehensive workout plan for me and permanently changed my eating habits to make me a healthier person. She has been a positive influence in my life and has given me many tools to help me (and my family) live a healthy life for many years.

Robert Schafer

As a triathlete and co-founder of The Tricredibles, I always considered myself to be “healthy” and in good physical condition as a steward of the sport. Over the past 10 years, I have always found time to squeeze in workouts nearly 7 days a week regardless of my travel schedule. In 2010, my life as a triathlete changed

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