VEGA Product Review!

Well y’all know that my Iron Man race is in 2 weeks and boy is it crunch time! I’ve found along the way that 2 VEGA (plant based Nutrional supplements for athletes) have been kind to me and my GI Tract during my long rides and runs:

1) Vega Sport “Sustain” (during workout) Berry Gel:

I am sooooo picky when it comes to flavors and gels. Usually I just stick to the gooies and chews for quick energy on the bike, and I prefer some kind of vanilla flavor- but this gel is good for a quick boost on the bike. Funny enough- the Team and I all did “shots” of it originally together because we were afraid of the flavor. It had a bit of a chalky aftertaste- and that’s something for the THRIVE company and Beendan Brazier to work on and perfect.

2) Vega Sport “Pre-workout” Lemon Lime Energizer:

I really like this flavor and I actually drink it in water during my rides because it is like Gatorade- only better for you! It gives me the sense of rehydrating and not having that sticky weird flavor on your tongue like other sports drinks. All in all, a winner in my book.

Try some products for yourself! Visit Vega or order a copy of the THRIVE cookbook for healthy recipes!

See you on the road ~

Tiffany Esser CPT.






The Power of the Mind

It really is true that the mind controls the body!  I’ve noticed that on the days I don’t “feel” like training/exercising are the days I need it the most. When you can change your mindset to a positive view about working out, it frees you to take control of your body and reach that “impossible” physical feat.

For me, it’s the IronMan- a triathlon to which my training is making me hardened and feeling like iron just to complete it. That’s why they say nothing is “IMpossible” – I’m going to try to change my mindset for the next 3 weeks before my race. Join me! Let’s see how much further we can get together with positivity!!!