DAY 9 of Classic Meat & Dairy FREE Recipes!

DAY 9 of your classic Meat & Dairy FREE recipes comes from Engine2Diet’s “Plant Strong Burgers.” This is a delicious alternative to animal meat with beans, oats, rice and lots of spices! Make sure add tons of veggies and homemade oil-free hummus. The hummus is delicious (you can make tons of flavors) and lasts about a week for you to dip into with your veg snacks each day!   

Plant-Strong Burger –

Hummus –

*Photo Credit: Engine 2 Diet.


Day 2 of Our Family Friendly Recipes!

Are you ready for Day 2 of our family friendly plant-based recipes?

This Sweet Potato Lasagna is hearty and healthy! Our go to for pot lucks and dinner deliveries. Sometimes we skip the tofu and add more spice to the veggies. Delicious! Perfect for left overs (if there are any, lol). Tell us what you think

*Photo Credit: Engine 2 Diet.