Esser’s Ranch Juice Bungalow




It’s time to get away, rest and rejuvenate!


Come stay for an independent juice program at Esser’s Ranch Juice Bungalow. Stay for a week, a month or more and let the chaos and stress of life fade away. Re-discover what “healthy” feels like and take time to develop a plan to maximize your health for years to come.

Esser’s Ranch Juice Bungalow is a special place.  Tucked away on the barrier island of Ponte Vedra Beach, surrounded by old Florida forest and just 7 minutes from the First Coast Beaches, shops and 30 minutes from St Augustine, it is an ideal location to escape to.


What is the Juice Bungalow?

A simple 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom 1000 square foot raised beach bungalow located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

What is the Juice Program?

A self-directed, independent 6+ night program for individuals to get away from the world, improve their health and recharge. 

What is included in the Juice Program? 

Fresh squeezed organic juices every 3-4 hrs, 1-2 plant-based meals at beginning and end of the week, 2 scheduled massages per week, a detailed outline of suggested reading, movies, gentle exercise, psychological reflections, health planning and more.

        Sample Daily Schedule:

                       8am:  Morning Juice

                       9-10am:  EsserHealth Video:  “The Power of Personal Choices

                      10-11am:  Rest

                      11-12pm: Sit and Stretch Video, Reading, 15 minutes of sunlight

                     12pm:  Midday Juice

                     12-130pm: Forks Over Knives Movie

                     130-230pm:  Massage

                     230-300pm  Rest, Relax, 15 minutes of sunlight

                     300pm: Afternoon Juice

                     3pm-5pm:  Learn, Read, Study, Reflect, Leisurely 15 minute Walk

                     5-7pm: Individual Time

                     7pm: Evening Juice

                     7-9pm:  Rad, Relax, Prepare for bed

                     9pm:  Bedtime 

What does the Juice Program NOT include?

It does not include personalized medical advice, medical supervision or medication management. This is an independent, self-directed program with resources provided to assist you in your success.

What is the cost?


$150.00 per day (7 day minimum) 

Juice Program: 

$600 per week (1 person)
$1100 per week (2 people)
$1500 per week (3 people)

Juice Bungalow review

“My experience at Esser’s Ranch Juice Bungalow can be best described as a physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation.  I did not realize that I needed to detach from the daily grind and hustle of life and focus on my health and inner tranquility. Thank you for caring for me and making me feel at home!  My wife and I have implemented the juicing recipes into our daily diet.” FT

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