Health Comes from Healthy Living

A simple, basic premise overlooked by most of us most days is that our health becomes our reality and our reality is most commonly based on the personal choices we make every day.  Yes we all can get hit by a truck or get the much feared random cancer diagnosis, but the diseases most likely to rob youth from our years and years from our lives are often related to the personal choices we make.  So today, make a commitment to yourself.  Make a commitment to let personal choices…..NOT chances rule your present and future health!  You CAN do it, We can help!

DAY 10 of your CLASSIC Meat & Dairy FREE recipes!

DAY 10 marks the final day of your CLASSIC Meat & Dairy FREE recipes. Let’s finish big with Shepherd’s Pie! This is a lentil and mushroom pie from “VegKitchen.” It definitely has that southern comfort feel while helping you reach your health goals   Omit the wine and add vegetable broth instead. Dig into this hearty deep dish and enjoy!…/lentil-and-mushroom-shepherd’s-pie/

*Photo Credit: Veg Kitchen.


DAY 9 of Classic Meat & Dairy FREE Recipes!

DAY 9 of your classic Meat & Dairy FREE recipes comes from Engine2Diet’s “Plant Strong Burgers.” This is a delicious alternative to animal meat with beans, oats, rice and lots of spices! Make sure add tons of veggies and homemade oil-free hummus. The hummus is delicious (you can make tons of flavors) and lasts about a week for you to dip into with your veg snacks each day!   

Plant-Strong Burger –

Hummus –

*Photo Credit: Engine 2 Diet.


Days 5-8 of your Meat & Dairy (FREE) family friendly recipes!

Days 5-8 of your Meat & Dairy (FREE) family friendly recipes! Woot Woot!! We want to shower you with FOUR delicious, healthy plant-based appetizers, entrees and quick meals from “Gardein.” They only take 20-minutes or less! If you haven’t heard of this meat substitute, well then it’s time to get out from under your rock and taste it! They are found in the frozen section of groceries (Publix, Whole Foods, etc).

Remember, these Gardein recipes are treats and for special occasions. We don’t recommend eating soy every day of the week. It’s always best to indulge in the real foods like veggies and fruit with tons of micronutrients and vitamins. But these recipes are fabulous starting points for those who want to go meatless. Trust us, try any of their products and they taste like the real deal!! 

Day 4 of Meat & Dairy (FREE) Recipes!

Day 4 of your plant-based Meat & Dairy (Free) recipes  We know that meat and potatoes are a dinner staple for many families, but it’s time to fuel your loved ones with micronutrients and food that loves you back.

Today are Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes by “Minimalist Baker”. We make a little indent on the top of the baked sweet potatoes to place the chickpeas and tomato salad. This is one of our absolutely favorites in the Esser household because of its warm heartiness and savory/sweet flavors:…/

*Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker.