Day 5 of Our Favorite Family Friendly Recipes!

Woot woot! It’s Day 5 of our favorite family friendly plant-based recipes. This Lentil Quinoa Loaf by “Vegan Richa” is hearty and perfect for pot lucks, parties or the holidays. Trust us, all the meat eaters devour it!! It’s one of our all time favs because we never have any left over.

Check out Vegan Richa as a fabulous plant-based resource. Many of her recipes are soy-free, gluten-free and oil-free. The Esser household makes her Indian dishes on a regular basis…/vegan-lentil-quinoa-loaf

*Photo Credit: Vegan Richa.


Day 4 of Our Favorite Family Friendly Recipes = A BURGER!

Day 4 of our favorite family friendly plant-based recipes = A BURGER! Not just any burger… but a savory, spiced, smoky, naturally sweet and seriously satisfying veggie burger!!

This Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger from “Minimalist Baker” is everything you desire and more. Not like some of those dry black bean burgers that leave you wondering why you ordered it.

We enjoy using brown rice rather than quinoa, and finely chop our walnuts rather than buying a walnut meal. We also use No-Salt Added Black Beans, and skip the added salt and sugar ingredients. The best part? Enjoy with Stubs BBQ sauce (we skip the Whiskey BBQ recipe). Mmmmmm, Stubs – it’s the most delicious natural BBQ sauce with a rich smoky flavor and it is found in most stores (Publix, etc). Not a special occasion for Stubs? Then try an organic ketchup and mustard. Make sure to load it up with lots of veggies and avocado! 

Be warned, once you try this recipe you will want to indulge in the Minimalist Baker’s dessert recipes – to die for! She uses 10 ingredients or less and they all fit into one bowl. So easy! We use her cupcake recipes as a special treat for birthday parties. 🙂

Now get cookin’ and enjoy that Stubs (it’s just fun to say with a southern draw… Stttuuuubbbbssss).

*Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker.

Day 3 of Our Favorite Family Recipes = A Treat!

Alright, alright, alright! It’s Day 3 of our favorite family friendly plant-based recipes – and we are giving you a yummy treat!

This is Mrs. Esser’s ALL TIME FAVORITE recipe known to mankind! ‘Ultra Energy Bars’ from Rich Roll & Julie Piatt’s “The PlantPower Way.” You don’t have to be an endurance athlete competing in Ultra Ironman Triathlons to enjoy these 🙂 They are power packed with natural sugars and protein like nuts, dates, seeds, coconut and dried berries to keep your energy up! 

They make a tasty snack on the go, and are super easy to make with the kids in a food processor – it’s a great way to get them involved with preparing food and learning where their food comes from.

Give it a try and you’ll want to order their “Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes + Guidance For the Whole Family” cookbook. It’s our FAVORITE cookbook in the Esser household!

*Photo Credit: The PlantPower Way via No Meat Athlete.


Day 2 of Our Family Friendly Recipes!

Are you ready for Day 2 of our family friendly plant-based recipes?

This Sweet Potato Lasagna is hearty and healthy! Our go to for pot lucks and dinner deliveries. Sometimes we skip the tofu and add more spice to the veggies. Delicious! Perfect for left overs (if there are any, lol). Tell us what you think

*Photo Credit: Engine 2 Diet.

Our favorite family friendly recipes!

Want to try some delicious family friendly plant-based recipes this week? Try some of our favorites! We will give you our top 5 this Monday-Friday.  

Oh She Glows – Next Level Enchiladas:…/01/next-level-vegan-enchiladas/

These make everyone in the family happy   We LOVE this enchilada sauce, and sometimes we spice things up and prepare them with The PlantPower Way’s “Aztec Enchiladas” filling of potatoes, olives and chia seeds. It really makes the flavors pop! Give this a try and let us know what you think.

*Photo credit: Oh She Glows